“Speed is useful only if you are running in the right direction.”

-Joel Barker-

InnTecc Ltd offers client-focused value-added distribution services for the consumer electronics and information technology industry. Our aim is to be the European partner of choice, who bring products and channels together in perfect harmony.

We work with distributors across popular European marketplaces, and deliver an unbeatable service for partners and their customers, to add substantial value to your business.

InnTecc Ltd are a central point of communication between all territories, and all elements of the supply chain. We provide startups and established businesses alike with full logistic, distribution, and marketing services.

We connect suppliers with innovative technological products, and manage all aspects of the distribution process, minimizing or negating the necessity to keep product stock, while ensuring maximum output and profit.

Optimize Your Supply Chain


Our supply chain management services are geared towards increasing the profit margins and growth of your business, whether you are an online retailer, high street seller, or B2B client.

 To achieve this, we increase the efficiency of all supply processes, while also ensuring absolute quality and customer satisfaction.

 Intecc’s localized warehousing allows for faster and more cost effective shipments to customers. Meanwhile, our large network of independent distributors, who have an average of 15 years experience working within their territory, allow us to optimize the distribution processes.

 Our extensive network of channels ensures all products find their best market, and all channels get their best products. Our products are sourced from trusted producers, who are top of the game in technology and electronics.

European Market Coverage


From the import of products, to localized warehouse storage, and proven distribution strategies, we provide personalized client-based supply chain solutions that cover all major European markets.

By specializing in the distribution of electronic goods, we are able to fine-tune the strength of our partnerships and market position, and offer the best services to all channels and customers.


Sales Promotion


More than just a supply management company, Inntecc also offer a range of marketing and promotion services to ensure products find their foothold in the market. Our creative marketing teams work to understand your brand, and make your vision of success a reality with effective personalized strategies.

We have the necessary channels and reach to provide highly effective product placement, sales strategies, promotions, to conduct market research, polish your image with professional public relations campaigns, and offer all the support and advice you need along the way.

With the addition of marketing services, Inntecc can take an on-going approach to optimizing the growth of your business. We can work to increase supply chain effectiveness, and drive your business forward with professional marketing strategies.

Our Values


Inntecc are a one-stop solution for electronic goods and information technology, and can enable any company or startup to achieve their dream, and maximize their supply chain efficiency.

The satisfaction of all channel partners and customers is our primary goal. With experienced and creative in-house teams, as well as credible distribution partners across the European marketplace, Inntecc are the only supply chain management company that you need to succeed.

We take a client-based approach to our services, which begins during the consultation phase. This allows us to understand your vision, and work with you to provide the best logistics and marketing solutions available.


Please contact us today to find out more about our distribution services, or to apply to become a partner.